• Plant, Mineral, Animal Raw Materials

• Organic, Biodynamic, Wildcrafted

• No Synthetic Ingredients



• Over 40 years experience in Skincare/60 years in pharmaceuticals

• Based on homeopathic insight/mission: do no harm/no side effects

• Pharmaceutical grade ingredients

• No substitutions or systemic irritants(no liposome’s, collagen, ceritamides)

• No animal testing (use human volunteers)



• Skin is normalized/balanced through stimulation/calming of its own processes

• Compositions based on a complete picture of the human organization and its relationship to nature

• Ingredients chosen for their dynamic forces and their relationship to human processes



• Rhythmic Flowing Movements

• Supportive Care and Conscious Connection

• Manual Touch--No machines or Chemicals



• Based on a unique and specific picture of the organization of the human being

• Works to balance the processes of the skin by addressing the whole body

• Stimulates and calms the normal functions of the skin



•  Lymph Stimulation encourages detoxification, elimination

•  Rhythmical movements work with and restore the natural flow of fluids and energy

•  Rhythmic touch connects on a fundamental “life force” level

•  The treatment works to restore vitality and harmony to promote natural beauty and the health of the skin