Vital skin is the key to natural and lasting beauty. A Dr.Hauschka Treatment is a holistic approach to the health and balance of your skin. You will experience deep cleansing and revitalizing through pure, botanical products designed to enhance the tone, texture and functioning of your skin. Each treatment will focus on your specific skin condition. The unique products and treatment technique compliment and blend to allow inner beauty to shine forth with the pure radiance of balance, harmony and calm. 


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Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment

​120+ min - $175

This facial treatment addresses the whole body, beginning with a foot soak and warming leg movements, then moving to soothing the head and loosening the neck, arms and hands and ultimately~to the face. Each movement is designed to relax, refresh and renew on a deep level. The treatment incorporates classic deep cleansing techniques, color, herbal and aroma therapy, balancing and harmonizing lymph stimulation and gentle rhythmical massage to create a holistic approach to the health of your skin and body. This gentle, nurturing and warming treatment purifies the skin, supports the immune system and relieves stress and tension--the perfect defense for the modern world.



Lash and Brow Tinting
​Lashes $30/ Brows $20

All natural, vegetable tint that really lasts!

Variation on a Theme
​60 min - $125
90 min - $145

Treatments are tailored to your specific skin condition and need, incorporating aspects of the "Classic Treatment". We can focus on deep cleansing, relaxation or regeneration while keeping in mind that all are achieved in the treatment even when we focus on one. The skin is supported, refined, and nurtured. The aim is always to bring the skin to balance~to harmony and health.

Facial Smoothing~Hair Removal
​Price Varies According to Needs


Gentle touch hair removal for a natural look.


Brow definition--enhance the drama of your eyes.

Dr. Hauschka Products
​The Complete Line Available

Skin Care

Body Care

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