Connection--this is the way to knowledge and understanding. Without the ability to share and interact, the raw data and objective observations are incomplete and devoid of humanity. In a world directed by and connected to machines, we begin to think we are more like them than ourselves: that our parts are interchangeable, that we only require constant information input, that there is no margin for error, that we can predict results and responses, that we are independent units conneced only by data cables. What a waste of potential.


The human experience requires just that: experience. When we interact with others we expand and learn. When we make mistakes: we can see another side--a completely different perspective. When we share ideas: we humanize data. When we accept change and embrace sponteneity: we move forward in our lives.


Connection and experience are married in Touch. Touch is the ultimate source of human information. We can sense so much with this simple gesture of connection. It is an intimate glimpse into another's world. We can sense emotion, health, well-being. Next time you touch someone--even if it is a handshake--check in and see what you learn from that contact. Is the person confident--is the strength of their response equal to or greater than yours or is it timid or reluctant? Is their hand sweaty, warm, cool or dry? Do they seem nervous or calm--and does your interaction change any of those states?


We all have an effect on those with whom we come in contact. When we touch someone we share an experience, we feel our humanness. Our quest for knowledge of another is rooted in touch. Touch is the human version of googling for answers. It is a database that requires our full attention and our utmost personal skill. And like the web, information needs to be guarded and shared discretely. Human information comes without password protection and therefore must be considered a bond of trust. As a therapist, I am fortuate to enter into that bond with my clients and the information that we share leads to new possibilities for personal care and expanded possibilities for well-being and its natural consequence: beauty.


There is in all the world, a single temple

Indeed, the human body

When one lays hands on the body

One touches heaven, every time