What is a "natural" cosmetic? The term natural is thrown around quite loosely in the advertising world.


Dr.Hauschka is a holistic cosmetic. But it is much more than a cosmetic.

It is a composition of healing plant and mineral substances coupled with a pure intention that encourages a shift toward healthful skin.


There is mindful and conscious reasoning behind every step of the product production, how it is formulated, how the herbs are grown, harvested and processed, how and in what materials products are packaged and how they are marketed.


There is a sustainable connection between the product, the health of the skin and the health of the earth.  In its process, the Dr. Hauschka company makes an effort to understand how the human being fits into the scheme of the cosmos and to respect the integrity of the whole.  


This treatment is designed to usher you into a new world of care and therapy. It is the treatment of the future, yet it springs from the wisdom of the past as a remedy for the imbalances of the modern world. As all things come full circle, so we come back to nature, through Dr.Hauschka for true answers for the health and beauty of the skin.


This facial uses pure botanical preparations and a gentle nurturing touch to revitalize the skin and bring about deep relaxation. It goes beyond an ordinary facial, affecting your whole body, bringing balance and harmony to your very being.


Each treatment given at AwareCare affects your whole system through gentle lymph stimulation, warming aromatherapy compresses, deep-acting masks and a rhythmical breathing touch. Your concerns will be addressed using select products and techniques aimed at creating balance and harmony for your skin. 


No machinery or chemicals are used in a Dr.Hauschka holistic treatment. Careful touch and special methods detoxify your skin, enhance its natural processes and leave it relaxed and glowing with vitality and health.


Natural products, conscious human touch and care—the Dr. Hauschka treatment will transform you—body and soul.